Loire atlantique course au large



was born in 2017 following the observation by its two co-founders, Philippe BLOUIN and Loick CORLAY of the low racing activity off the coast of the Loire-Atlantique.

Besides the promotion of the offshore race, and the organization of tests. The objective of LACL, thanks to the composition of its “experts” members, is:

  • To help and support athletes with offshore racing projects
  • To propose practical and theoretical trainings applied to the offshore race
  • To organize nautical events, alone or in conjunction with sailing clubs
  • To support organizing clubs, through the expertise and experience of its members
  • To support materially and/or financially racing events offshore
  • To set up all related activities or annexes relating thereto.
  • To be a contact person warns the institutions


    Loire Atlantique Offshore Racing has its assets :

o Participation in the organization:

* « SNSM Records »
* « Solidaire du Chocolat » (France – Mexique en Class40)
* « Pornic – Gijón »
* « Pornic Baiona »
* « Pornichet Select 6.50 »

o The creation, realization and organization in 2017 of :

* La Yacht Cup (Pornichet – Chaussée de Sein – Pornichet)

The designers thus created a new race in the offshore, at the start and the arrival of the Port of Pornichet:

“The Yacht Cup”

Race open to Monohulls of more than 8.50 m and without limit of length. A simple but athletic course since it was Pornichet, and without any door or mark, to go to the West Cardinal buoy of the road of Sein, the last buoy lying most to the west of the continent.

This event was offered at the opening of the season, the Easter weekend. In spite of the late date of official launch, at the end of January 2017, 18 boats registered initially on 14 April 2017.

“The Pornichet Select 6.50”

Recognized as a performing entity by the institutions and runners, LACL won the call for tender issued by the “class 6.50” to organize the PORNICHET SELECT 6.50 from 2019. It is more than 80 Mini 6.50 that will take the departure of Pornichet in solitary for a course of 300,000 nautical.

LACL wishes to quickly federate the largest number of riders in the Loire-Atlantique region, in order to bring together all the talents, the experts and the skills and create a network of exchanges and supports enabling everyone to make progress in the field From the offshore race.